Chamindi Dodamgoda

I'm a marketing enthusiast who enjoys helping people to reach their audience & achieve great results


I have an Information Technology IT special honors degree from a well respected institute in Sri Lanka and two years experience as a web administrator and junior SEO for a high profile company. I've been helping hundreds of people and companies to setup their mailchimp accounts, newsletters, templates and integration so they can keep in touch and with their target audience. With my SEO related background I can help you to build your list further, generate revenue and market your brand name among your potential customers.

Here I have attached my fiverr profile for basic level customization.

See the positive ratings people have already given me from across the globe :)

For fully custom layouts a different rate can be negotiated.

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Sandy Maddox

- 02/14/2014

Hired chamindi few times to do our campaigns. She has delivered amazing designs and professionally handled the jobs. Great to work with.


Aidan Doyle

- 03/18/2013

We had to create an email template for the email marketing aspect of our fundraising campaign (Aidan does the Marathon) We got back a great looking template which we are confident will help make our worthwhile project a success.


- 03/01/2013

The email template was just what I wanted. Very professionally done and ready to use. Delivery and revision a bit slow, but complete. Will use again.

I am using this template to send emails to my client


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