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Setup and manage mailchimp accounts. Strategy, templates, campaigns, automations, integrations, API

We are email marketing specialists supporting several clients fully and working for number of others occasionally.

We can handle all the phases of email marketing campaigns for you, starting with graphical design, continuing with copywriting, managing contact lists, distribution and presenting and finally, analyzing campaign results.

Even More...

Using our data driven, targeted approach you can increase the impact of your emails. We can help you segment your customer database and create smaller email lists based on their interests. This will enable you to send more relevant and targeted messages to them, which makes customers more likely to respond.

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Veronika Marovičová

- 02/04/2014

We are fitness studio in Prague Czech Republic.

Sanja takes complete care of our email marketing. On average we send 3 newslleters per month to our customers, who register on our reservation system.

Sanja did a complete work on account setup, emails design, execution, synchronization between mailing list and our customers database,

Our newsletters have above average open rate and greate CTR, that leads to greate conversion rate.

In addition to that, communicatin with Sanja is easy, very often we need to send email ASAP and Sanja is capable of putting great email design in short time.

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