7 years of experience building and managing newsletters and email campaigns.




Create your responsive MailChimp newsletter template to match your website to keep your branding consistent.

Write your email or load your content and send to your email list.

Add MailChimp subscriptions forms to WordPress, Squarespace, and Facebook.

Hands-on MailChimp instruction including how to read your Google Analytics. Coaching on how to optimize your MailChimp account and email marketing.



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- 07/11/2017

It was easy to schedule the initial call and the training with Amy. I love her friendliness and positive attitude. Her system is really helpful. She did screensharing and sent me the recording of the call later to help me remember what we did. This allowed me to take some notes, but primarily focus on what she was saying and showing me and produced a better learning experience for me. The call was very organized. She answered all of my questions and I also learned about things that I didn't even know to ask her. She knows Mailchimp and what to do with my list and how to have better templates. I highly recommend using Amy if you need help and will definitely call her again if/when I need further help.

Kimberlee Mitchell

- 05/17/2017

Honestly, Amy is the best. First, her positive attitude and energy is so appealing. I like to like who I am working with and Amy is adorable.

I needed some pointers and needed the expert eye of not only a MailChimp pro but also an expert marketer with an eye for design. Amy is THAT pro.

Our meeting was online using a screen share (love Zoom, btw) where we both had the opportunity to take over the screen and go through my MC campaign. Amy cut to the chase and gave me critical tips I needed to dump the work I did thus far and start a new and better template. She was CHOCK FULL of tips for to do this as swiftly as possible. I did it all. I spent an hour and a half with her and felt like the knowledge I gained was equivalent to have taking a 4 hour course. She has since helped me with videos and editing my template.

For busy marketers who need to save time and work smarter Amy is for you. Her prices are fair and I love that you can easily schedule time with her online when you need help. You will not regret working with her.

As a very busy corporate communications executive with many clients she's now my secret weapon.

Thank you AMY!


- 02/07/2017

Amy was terrific! She and I had an intro call, briefly discussed my questions/challenges and she recommended a course of action. She seems very knowledgeable and easy to work with.


- 01/19/2017

I was lost and reached out for some help. Amy got back to me promptly and was professional but friendly.

My god, what a world of difference Amy made. I get a lot of it now. I have pop ups, opt in forms, they all work. Yippie!!!!!

I suggest if you need MailChimp assistance, you reach out to this great lady!

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