Alessandra Farabegoli

Digital Strategist and Email Marketing specialist




As freelance consultant and trainer, I teach to organizations, companies and individuals how to use digital media and email marketing to provide a better service, earn more money and work better. I currently work only in Italy.

With a strong focus on your business goals, I help my italian clients to: + build their email marketing plan understanding how email marketing can integrate in their overall strategy + open and set up their MailChimp account in a way that is coherent to their branding + grow their mailing list by providing useful content to people in target and by getting people to subscribe on their website and through social media + design and send newsletters that work - I'm talking about opening, clicks and conversions

I am the author of Email marketing con Mailchimp and Email marketing in pratica; in 2016 I released my online video course on MailChimp.

In italiano

Lavoro come consulente e formatrice indipendente e aiuto aziende, enti e professionisti a usare i media digitali e l'email marketing per fornire servizi migliori, guadagnare di piĆ¹ e lavorare meglio.

Posso aiutarvi a: + costruire e portare avanti una strategia di email marketing strettamente correlata ai vostri obiettivi: + attivare e impostare il vostro account MailChimp, in modo coerente col vostro brand + costruire e far crescere la vostra mailing list, offrendo i contenuti giusti alle persone giuste e raccogliendo iscrizioni attraverso il sito web e i social network + progettare e spedire newsletter che funzionano - in termini di aperture, clic e soprattutto conversioni

Su questi temi, ho scritto anche un paio di libri, Email marketing con Mailchimp e Email marketing in pratica, e ho realizzato un corso online in video



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