Agencia Reinicia

8 years of experience with Mailchimp. We help you to take profit of this great marketing tool


+34 915 22 27 67

We provide the whole E-mail Marketing service, from the definition of the Strategy to the Template Design, Campaign Management, Landing pages development and E-mail Marketing Analytics.

We have experience integrating Mailchimp with different platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, Wordpress and Drupal.

Besides, we have designed and launched campaigns for our Clients to improve the newsletter suscription of visitors in their on-line stores and websites. For example, in an on-line store of a Client we prepared a campaign with a modal window where we announced a give away among all the suscribers. We reached a conversion rate of suscribers / visitors of 3,5%.

Finally, mention that we run a workshop in our own studio. We have all the information in our website.



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