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3ManFactory is a creative design and communications company. Some call it integrated marketing and that’s fine, but what it really means is that we can plan it, design it, build it, market it and measure it. Social, web, graphics, PR and marketing. It’s what we do best.

3ManFactory is made up of Nathaniel (well dressed, well spoken and PR/marketing/social media specialist), James (not as well dressed, makes up in tech genius, web and Facebook developer, WordPress specialist) and Tom (badly dressed graphic/web designer, thinker and lecturer).

We can help your brand and business be seen in all the right places, whether it’s through web development, Facebook apps or through rather clever social media strategies. We walk the walk.

We love MailChimp and when building newsletter signup into our clients sites it is our email marketing application of choice. Experienced in designing custom templates, integrating API and running and monitoring campaigns if you want to use MailChimp and want some help feel free to get in touch.


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