108 Degrees, LLC

We provide wildly successful digital marketing programs for small business and non-profit clients.


Hi, I'm MaryAnn and I'm the founder of 108 Degrees. I've been sending email campaigns since before most people had a domain name, but that's not all my company can do for you.

We are a full-service digital agency that offers small business and non-profit clients help with websites, social media programs, blogging, PR and events... and we use email marketing alongside all these to provide even more outstanding results.

So whether you just need a hand in getting up and running, or you need a full-service solution that includes strategy, custom development and execution, we can help.

Visit our website for more information, or follow us online to learn more about what we do:

http://twitter.com/108degreesmktg http://plus.google.com/+108degrees http://facebook.com/108degrees



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- 08/19/2015

Maryann has done a great job educating me on the process of building my lists and utilizing newsletters to help me grow membership in my networking groups.

Maryann thanks for being my friend

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