Expert Discount Program

Looking for some one-on-one guidance as you get started? Our Expert Discount Program will connect you with a MailChimp-approved Expert to help you with custom templates, list migration, email marketing strategy, and more. We'll even give you 3 months of free service after starting your first project with an Expert to offset your costs.

Here's how it works:

Find an expert.

Check out our list of MailChimp Experts. Choose an Expert with the appropriate skill set. Email them and explain you’d like to work with them as part of our program.

Agree on project scope and cost.

Determine exactly what your Expert's going to do and how much they'll charge.

Send your paid invoice to MailChimp.

Once your project is complete, ask your Expert to send MailChimp a copy of your paid invoice. We'll apply 3 free months to your MailChimp account.

Need a hard copy?

Download a PDF version of the Expert Discount Program for your clients.